Pelli Lab


Dr. Denis G. Pelli
Professor of Psychology and Neural Science
Department of Psychology
New York University

Lab Address
6 Washington Place, Room 406
New York, NY 10003

Office Address
6 Washington Place, Room 279
New York, NY 10003
(646)-258-7524 mobile
(212)-998-3864 lab
(815)-642-0407 fax
(It's invisible to you, but this fax service, provided by, will convert your fax to me into an email to me with an enclosed PDF, which is ideal for me.)
Twitter   @denispelli

Our entrance is on Washington Place, between Mercer and Broadway. There's a big purple NYU flag over the entrance. You'll need photo id to enter the building. The nearest subway stops are “8th St-NYU” on the trains, “Astor Place” on the train, “Broadway-Lafayette” on the trains, “West 4th Street” on the trains, and “Houston St” on the train. There is a parking garage on Broadway at Astor Place. Here's a campus map (with directions), a subway map, and a Google map. You can download and print this campus map .

Taxi: “Manhattan. Washington Place, between Broadway and Mercer.”

Subway & bus directions: