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Thresholds: Limits of Perception. An exhibition of works by artists and scientists. Arts Biennial 1997. Eighth Floor Gallery, 473 Broadway, New York City. October 14-25, 1997. Curated by Denis Pelli and Ana Maria Torres. Exhibition of 26 works by artists and scientists. Four hundred attended the Oct. 17 opening. Articles about the exhibition (and Theories of Vision symposium) appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer (Flam, F., “In the mind’s eye”, Dec. 1, pp. C1,4),  in Psychology and the Arts (Ettinger, T., “A symposium and exhibit: visual science / visual art.” Fall ‘97), and in the internet science magazine HMS Beagle (Kuzma, S., “Art for science’s sake and science for art’s sake.” 1997, issue 17). Thumbnail reproductions may be viewed at the vision@nyu web site.

Pelli-Robson Contrast Sensitivity Chart. For clinical assessment of contrast sensitivity (Pelli, Robson, & Wilkins, 1988). Syracuse University announced chart as a potential screening device for early detection of eye disease and held press conference, June 1988. The story appeared on national radio and television in U.S. and U.K., on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, and in the New York, L.A., and London Times, as well as the Times of India, and in New Scientist, GEO, Ophthalmology Today, Reader’s Digest, and Good Housekeeping. pdf
  What is Low Vision? Commissioned to produce and direct video for the Art of the Eye exhibition at the Minnesota Museum of Art, January 25 to March 30, 1986. Shows the general public that low vision may be understood in terms of three optical dimensions: resolution, contrast, and field. Aired nationally on public television on July 20, 1987, in the National Science Foundation’s How About ...? series in an episode entitled “Experiencing Low Vision.” In 1990 Syracuse University distributed this tape to 400 low-vision rehabilitation centers nationwide to explain low vision to patients’ relatives.  

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