Pelli Lab

Masters & Post-Baccalaureate students

Kathleen M. Sullivan (2016). Parsing our Silent Language. ITP (Interactive Telecommunications) Thesis. Kat used machine learning to read body language. NYU MPS degree in ITP 2016. 10-minute thesis presentation:
Marissa Hildebrand (2006) Effect of context on reading. Post-baccalaureate student.
Guillermo Hinojosa-Canales (2000) Visual factors mediating response to Soong Dynasty paintings, MA in Psychology at NYU 2002. Now Professor of Art at the Universidad de Monterrey in Mexico.
Manoj Gunwani (1993–1994) Network modeling of letter learning. MS in Neuroscience at Syracuse University 1996. MS in Computer Science at Syracuse University. Now designs processors (e.g. Pentium) at Intel, where he is a project leader in the Cell Libraries Development group.
Lan Zhang (1988–1990) Measuring contrast sensitivity published in Vision Research pdf. MS in Psychology 1992, MS in Computer Engineering 1994, and PhD in Psychology 1995 at Syracuse University. Now Technical Specialist at AT&T Labs. “I'm working on the User Experience Design for Natural Language Applications. Nowadays, when you call, you often ‘talk’ to a machine: ‘to do this, press 1; to do that, press 2; ...’. We are designing the application that asks, ‘How may I help you?’, and you, as a caller, can say whatever you'd like. ... The system will catch most — hopefully :-) — of the caller's intent and transfer the caller to the right group of Service Representatives. It's lots of fun to work on applications like this.”