Pelli Lab

Paper Publishing Party 2008

KGB Bar Readings at 6:30 PM, 7:15 PM, and 8 PM
(Reader's name in bold)
  Denis Pelli & Kat Tillman (2008) The uncrowded window of object recognition. Nature Neuroscience. Accepted July 15. & de facto author Jamie Radner.
  Charles "Randy" Gallistel & Adam King (2008) Memory and the Computational Brain: Why Cognitive Science will Transform Neuroscience, Wiley/Blackwell.
  Trommershäuser, J., Maloney, L. T. & Landy, Michael S. (2008). Decision making, movement planning, and statistical decision theory. Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 12, 291-297.
  If you're coming to the party, and you have something coming out now, would you like to read a very brief excerpt (no more than 3 sentences) from it? Let us know. We'll add your work here.


Top row: Kat Tillman and Jamie Radner demonstrating crowding.
Second row: Mike Landy and Randy Gallistel reading from their work.
Third row: A-in-chaff cake and a cupcake for fixation. Brought by Jordan Suchow.
Bottom row: Denis Pelli is on the right, wearing red suspenders.

Photos by Momosuke Araki.

See photos of party in 2007.

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